The Halprin Life Art Process, developed by dance pioneer Anna Halprin, has evolved over a period of 65 years and continues to inspire people worldwide from all walks of life. Deeply rooted is the belief that dance and the spirit of creativity is vital to happiness, wellbeing and belongs to everyone. This method provides a container to liberate the range of personal and archetypal human experiences.

Rana offers groups and workshops locally and internationally

Movement Rituals (1hr) This is a structured series of movement sequences to increase movement awareness and mindfulness. Organized around the breath and the spinal column as a daily embodied practice.

Movement Rituals and Dance Explorations (2.5hrs. 6-weeks long) Expansion of movement rituals, participants are guided to explore their own spontaneous movements, integrating feeling states and imagery. Participants will have the opportunity to create dances which express their own story.

Journey Through the Body  (2.5hrs. 6-week session) A deeper journey into the physical, imaginal, emotional & body narrative. What feelings, memories and attitudes are evoked from specific areas of your body? What images call to you and move you to dance? Each week an emphasis is on a different physical area of the body. An opportunity to dance with others and delve deeply into the voice of your own moving narrative.

Dance as a Self Healing Art  (2.5hrs. 6-week session and daylong workshops) The opportunity for individuals to ask the body/mind for healing, guidance, and wisdom. Focus will be on an area in the body in need of attention. When we surrender to the intelligence of the body, and dance beyond the mind, it knows where to guide you and how to move you towards self-healing.

CEUs offered for mft, mfti, and nurses.