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  A dream forgotten, is a dream unfulfilled” Zohar
Do you wonder what your dreams are telling you? Dreams are our direct  connection (nexus) to the “higher “ mind, informing us what is yet unknown. Speaking to us in allegory and symbols, dreams clarify our inner conflicts and provide us with unexpected vision and insightful choices. Dreams expand   possibilities in the reclaiming and recovery of the Unbroken Self. The prophetic aspect of dreams makes their counsel essential in times of crisis not to turn away from frightening repugnant images. Inquiring into the messages of “monsters” offers potent insight.
  Nightmares have the ability to save us, serving as critical forewarning of how to safely traverse dangerous territory.”
   I guide individuals in a method to discover the insight of their dreams. This includes: re entry, dream scores and drawing, direct dialogue with dreamscape and characters, embodiment and enactment. I assist individuals to decode and learn their own unique codes in order to reveal their messages.
CONSULTATION: &130 (SKYPE) permitted 50 min
DREAM SESSIONS incorporating creative modalities (4 sessions $ 380.00 (SKYPE) permitted
ONGOING therapeutic sessions for more than 4 sessions; In person  To Bring: a Dream or a Dream Journal or image. A large drawing/sketching paper pad,
For Groups include Comfortable attire
Languages: English,Spanish