Rana is  a licensed therapist, dream coach, dancer /movement artist and documentary photographer. She teaches groups and workshops in the Halprin Life Art Process, a  renowned method of movement arts, dance, creativity & transformation. Ms. Halprin  maintains a private practice: rooted in Jungian, expressive and arts and indigenous healing practices.to recollect and revision personal narratives as resource for self expression and self-healing.
    Rana’s  instruction is equally informed through “inherited  memory”  and the spirit of creativity. She was raised and participated in an environment of experimental  arts, peopled by dancers, musicians,designers of the avant-garde and sixties icons.  From this fertile creative grounds, she travelled to the Source of “duende” in Andalucía, Spain where she continued studying and  dancing  with legendary flamenco ‘Gitano” dynasty  of Diego del Gastor.
Rana’s extensive experience and work within  diverse cultures, including  the Northern Cheyenne (Lame Deer) and the Roma (Gypsies) with whom she continues an ongoing  bond, continues to inform  her life and professional calling .Rana maintains  a Private Practice  (MFT) and consultation  located in the Bay Area. She offers teachings in  the Halprin LifeArt Method and  facilitates DreamGroups throughout the year in the Bay Area (California) as well as Internationally.
   For further information about private practice, dream coaching and dream groups, Dance as Life-Art classses workshops please  email: [email protected] or call 415 767 5223.
SKYPE sessions offered for dream consultation. Languages: English, Spanish, Romanes

Movement rituals with Rana—in her late 20s

Rana at age 10 performing "Birds of America"

Rana (right, bottom) at the Romani camp

Rana at age 15